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    Quote Originally Posted by Zevox View Post
    Latest episode:
    Liked seeing Zatanna get a role in the big fights. Finally she gets to do something, even it's just action. Actually, I liked the action scenes in general in this one. Aqualad still didn't get much though.

    What's up with the new girl? No introduction, not even her name that I recall, and she did basically nothing - just took out one mook that I can recall.

    Not sure about that twist at the end. How does Roy as the mole work, given he wasn't even on the team until the last couple of episodes? And how were they controlling him?

    Latest episode answers, then next episode spoilers of ruinous ruin in super spoilers.

    Most questions to be answered next episode, and by the Portaguese spoilers. The new girl is Rocket, Icon's sidekick. They really could do a better job introducing Icon/DC is always going to be awkward with using Dakotaverse characters. Besides their appearence in the Plant Attack and Rocket helping some kid in the World Without Grownups, they barely get seen, and only get named in the League new members talk.
    Next episode spoilers pertaining to Roy below, so yeah. Feel free to hide away if you want to wait a week to find out inshow instead of this stupid teenager explaining it. *points to self*
    Our Red Arrow is a Cadmus clone, Speedy was kidnapped "soon after" starting to work with Green Arrow (around 3 years ago) and cloned with (what I assume is) a less advanced version of Superboy's Red Sun thing. Red has one in Broken Arrow, maybe more, and I felt cheated when they revealed that the first episode focusing on Roy made us have a forced perspective and a timeskip. But Miss Martian removes all traces of them in Superboy and Red, so chances are they cant mole at all. Speedy, however, is still in Cadmus, very close to where cwazee compact Emoboy of the carved S shield is, as the Light cart away "useful" Cadmus projects and defeat/maybe kill Guardian. But Speedy...he's missing an arm... and looks young. Red Arrow goes through some "I am clone, what is my identity?!? Searching soon, but will likely stay with Red Arrow and be a team associate.
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