Thank you kindly, Jans. Wish the Major a good night's rest, says the gnome, looking around the log cabin. The Archmage is a generous man. I doubt an Inquisitorial Team on mission would get such lavish quarters from the Council back home, he says, after Jans has left. If only Isabella were here to see this... she would love this cabin, he thinks, sitting himself down on the comfortable couch. I am going to commune with the Council and see if they have any insights to provide, he tells his companions, drawing out a small ceremonial dagger and meditating with eyes closed.

Casting two rituals, Consult Mystic Sages (which I am refluffing as a consult with mages back in the dragon/gnome lands, I'll still make the religion check as normal) and also Memory of the Dragon to consult Flavius' mother. Both are free (the first because I use my Divination Mastery to eschew components, and the second because it is naturally free).

Religion for Consult Mystic Sages: (1d20+25)[38]. Wanting to find out more about airborne undead and what they might be capable of in terms of intelligence, reporting/scouting and combat.

Memory of the Dragon: Ask Solkara what she knows about methods for damaging materials so they cannot be used for necromancy (she might know very little, up to you). Also just update her on what is going on in the world outside the dagger, as Flavius does every night he can.