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    Tralkor has a wondrous moment of insight and leaps away with an unbefitting speed. Perhaps startled by this, Nala fails to match his evasion. The net catches her and she gets sweeped up some 15 foot in the air. From behind trees left and right you see kobolds leaping forward, producing warcries of tribal nature. Fully kitted out in leather armors and warpaint, the small draconoid critters bare their teeth as their readied pointy spears are focused on you. Luckily, Tralkor had spotted them and notified you, removing the edge from their ambush and denying them a surprise round.

    Here is the map. The red squares are the kobolds, I gave them a letter to facilitate communication.



    Kobold group: (1d20+7)[24]
    Siel: (1d20+1)[12]
    Vrishchika: (1d20+7)[10]
    Nala: (1d20+1)[18]
    Tralkor: (1d20-2)[16]
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