I have quite a lot yet to do, I'm nowhere near done. But it IS very heartening that there are people out there that like this stuff. At the end of the first test, I was kind of thinking it was just me that would enjoy this stuff.

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This is possibly the most interesting idea for a game ever. Even if it were to be abandoned, you should be enshrined for coming up with such an idea. I should probably go lay down before I start babbling even more.

tl;dr: Sounds cool.
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And you waited how long to tell us about it? I half wish you HADN'T told me because then I wouldn't be annoyed I can't play it right now...

+1 to Sounds Cool. Adding totally AWESOME to the statement.

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OK, then.

Internet, don't fail me now.

/Tab, /search: "most epic word ever" /enter.

Internet, you failed me.

OK, then. I will understate, since I cannot understate.

That's a really unusual idea, a very basic one... sort of like the original ideas of Aristotle's, which led to European Alchemy (wind/water/earth/fire).

One thing I'll say: PROGRESSIVE START. I am totally doing this in every game ever, from now on... how to make it work in Pathfinder, though...
Progressive Start is a very interesting idea, and takes some peculiar staging. Because of the life/death/growth cycle in my game, it fits in rather cleanly. It is possible, though difficult, to integrate in d20 and other standard TT RPG games. Though I was considering trying to draw up a basic mechanic.. Not quite sure how it'd work out.