The Outer Cloister

Sern fires into the fray with speed and uncanny precision. His arrows cut through the flesh of the corrupted rogues like a hot knife through butter, each missile penetrating four to six of them before losing momentum.

But the other side has archers too. The one Mariah blasted with positive energy retreats, teleporting further away again, but the others send off a full barrage.

The captain, although seriously wounded, relentlessly keeps up the attack against Fjodin, hacking at him with huge, slow swipes.

The corrupted rogues surrounding Gerrin and Fjodin continue their attacks, trying to bring them down with a thousand cuts. The rest of them chase after Sern and Corretha, swinging at their heels.

Round 3 begins!

Boss against Fjodin:
(1d20+10)[22] for (3d6+6)[14] + (5d6)[21] fire.

Corrupt Rogue Stalker mob 1 comes after Fjodin again. Provokes an AoO from Fjodin. Fjodin takes (5d6-2)[16] damage. Gerrin takes (5d6-2)[19] damage.
Corrupt Rogue Stalker mob 1 comes after Corretha and Sern again. Provokes an AoO from Corretha. Corretha takes (5d6-2)[18] damage. Sern takes (5d6-2)[14] damage.

Skeleton Archer 1 teleports south.
Skeleton Archer 2 against Tatsuhiro:
(1d20+15)[25] for (2d6+5)[9]
(1d20+15)[27] for (2d6+5)[13]
(1d20+10)[20] for (2d6+5)[11]
(1d20+10)[23] for (2d6+5)[12]
Skeleton Archer 3 against Mariah:
(1d20+16)[20] for (2d6+6)[13]
(1d20+16)[30] for (2d6+6)[12]
(1d20+11)[17] for (2d6+6)[9]
(1d20+11)[16] for (2d6+6)[12]
Skeleton Archer 4 against Sern:
(1d20+12)[19] for (2d6+6)[13]
(1d20+12)[19] for (2d6+6)[13]
(1d20+7)[20] for (2d6+6)[15]
(1d20+7)[22] for (2d6+6)[13]

Corrupted Rogue Stalker group 1: 136/183
Corrupted Rogue Stalker group 2: 102/192, nauseated (3 more rounds)
Corrupted Rogue Stalker boss: 38/104 (coming out of slow now)
Skeleton Archer 1: 34/60
Skeleton Archer 2: 36/69
Skeleton Archer 3: 64/64
Skeleton Archer 4: 69/69

Yet to act in round 3: Everyone.

Map updated.