Current Projects:
My current long term project is to develop a DnD high-fantasy rewrite.
Project Objectives:
Balance magic without making everyone a magic user.
Make the world grittier than 3.5.
Make the system PbP friendly (minimize opposed checks and other issues that require multiple posts to complete a turn)
Current Status
I've goten the system skeleton put together, but filling in and balancing all the little details needs work. I'll eventually start posting threads for that purpose.

Recent HomeBrews:
--[Mechanic] Limb-Loss. Ever notice home many methods there are to reattach or regenerate lost limbs? Ever notice how difficult it is to actually loose one? This rule set gives Heal Checks additional importance and allows regeneration to see use.
--[MiniGame rules] Ice Hockey Inspired by the upcoming Winer Olympics one fall, I tired to create a rule system.
--[Race] Non Generic Humans I was annoyed at how hard it is to find a LA0 race with a charisma bonus, and wished humans had unique defining characteristics. This race remake solved both issues.