The gnome awakes from his revery with the hint of a smile on his lips. I have some information that may help us in our mission. I am tired, as I am sure you all are, however, so I will keep it brief, he says cheerily. Councilman Brightsun gave me a basic rundown of the various kinds of airborne undead that might be occupying the towers. Worst-case scenario, it is wraiths; they have a degree of intelligence and are very hard to, ah, re-kill. If it is just flying zombies or reanimated airborne creatures, we should be able to avoid raising alarms rather simply, since those varieties of undead are stupid. However, if a Lich or other magically-flying undead is up there, we will have to move quickly - they won't hesitate in warning their peers in the necropolis of out attempt, he explains, giving the group a basic analyses of the airborne threats they might face. If there is naught else to be discussed tonight, we'd best all get some rest to be ready for our mission in the morning. There's little worse than crawling into a city infested with undead with no sleep!