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    Default Re: Diablo 2 - Act one, The Tools of the Trade


    Mariah heals the party, having just enough power in her spell to catch one of the skeleton archers too.


    Move: move to G2.
    Standard: cast Mass Cure Light Wounds on everyone except Gerrin (sorry, you're out of range :/), also hitting SA2.
    Mariah: (5d8+30)[51]
    Corretha: (5d8+30)[65]
    Sern: (5d8+30)[51]
    Fjodin: (5d8+30)[47]
    Tatsuhiro: (5d8+30)[45] (i think this doesn't help him since he's not injured?)
    SA2: (5d8+30)[53], DC 19 Will Save for half.

    Current AC: 16
    Current HP: 81
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