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    OOC Thread

    Turn 1, 1933 CE
    It is the dawn of the year 1933 CE. The Great War has been over for years, but the scars of its passage still linger. Some are obvious, such as the vast wastelands where veins of Kokytium leave the land barren and dying. Some are not.

    In Europa the young king of Portugal seethes on his throne while his neighbor continues a brisk Atlantic trade. Germania and Russia eye each other over what is left of the eastern ranges, and the Roman Empire attempts to reclaim its majesty.

    On the vast plains of the east the Mongol clansmen repair their great walkers while thinking dark thoughts of the golden empire. The monks of Bod continue their sacred works while the islanders dream thoughts of empire.

    In the Americas two conflicting modes of thought batter against each over lines of commerce and barely withheld contempt. And in the south the vast jungles remain impenetrable to all but the bravest Aztlan warriors.

    Africa remains a boiling cauldron of warlords and independent states fighting for power. While the two great powers of the south strive for dominance.

    The Great War is over. But for how long can peace hold.
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