The Canadian Federal Imperium
D.Esp: 10

In North America the Canadian Federal Imperium manages its economy and is still attempting to rebuild from the Separation War. Although agreements have been reached the economy will require a long time to recover. Canada and Quebec have largely come to terms with the war, and are content to allow the other to live peacefully. Despite this Canada is still worried about a war from the south, where the massive armies of the People's Republic of America preform ever more military drills.

In the Prime Ministers Office

The current Prime Minister of the Canadian Federal Imperium - Richard Bennett - looks over the reports his secretary gave him to read before the next parliamentary session. The first session summarizes the state of relations with Quebec. Looking over it he reads about the continuing paranoia and mutual espionage campaign the two nations are engaged in. With the increasing threat to the south he is unhappy, thinking it a waste of resources. He considers possibilities to put these resources and makes a note to write a missive to Quebec later. Perhaps an arrangement could be made. The spying would continue for a while now, but maybe it could be made less of a strain on their resources.

He then reads a briefing on the rest of the Americas and the political status that they have. Looking through the files, he feels strongly that no matter what happens a war is inevitable. The PRA's aggressiveness combined with tensions between Canada the PRA and the DUS will likely break soon. The Aztlan Hegemony might make a good ally given their problems with the Caribbean, but Bennett has doubts abot the reliability of an alliance they would form. After all, they need their sacrifices. In the end he decides that he doesn't need to talk to them at the moment, and will do so later if need arises.

The DUS seem to be doing well. Trade is significant, and a great help to the economy, and the DUS' research seems to be going much faster then expected, and certainly much faster then in Canada. Their military seems fairly weak however, which would be a problem if the PRA wanted to invade.

The PRA seem to be having the same morale issues as usual, but the military buildups are troubling. Bennett makes another note to increase espionage activity into the PRA. He intends to be cautious about it however, and not attempt to give anything away.

The final report he reads deals with the Empire of the Resplendent Sun. It urges him to acquire the technology of their empire as in civilian applications it is much superior to their own.

As he gets up having finished the reports he says to himself The world is changing too quickly. First the great war, then Quebec's separation and now a likely war with the PRA. I certainly hope that the PRA doesn't strike too soon. opefully our operative can make them less effective first.

Diplomatic messages sent later that day from Canada

To the Empire of the Resplendent Sun (lowest esp: 8)

Emperor Hiroyuki of the Empire of the Resplendent Sun we of the government of Canada would like to propose trade relations with you. Your civilian technology is admittedly decades if not more ahead of our own, and we would be interested in acquiring some of this to assist our economic buildup following the economic damage caused by the separation war. If you are interested in continuing discussions then we will send a diplomatic envoy to your country to do so. The government must stress that due to the nature of the technology being traded our envoy will be taking measures to ensure that what is discussed at the meeting remains secret, and request you do the same.

To the DUS (lowest: 10)

Recently we have noticed that the PRA has been building up forces and preforming military exercise within short distances of both our and your border. Action must clearly be taken in order to minimize the threat this poses. I recommend that your research department start to focus on military technology. In addition our military reaffirms that in the event of a war we will aid you, however we lack the research capacity to significantly increase our tech level on our own. We would request that a formal agreement be drafted that states that in the event of a war military technologies will be released to us, so that we can better fight the PRA. We look forward to discussions on this issue.

The Quebec (lowest 4)

A representative is discreetly dispatched to talk to the representatives of the Quebec espionage agency. He does so under orders of the Canadian government. His proposal is very hush hush, and is very unofficial. Given the natures of the agencies the meeting itself is nearly impossible to observe. The only thing people can figure out is that the operative is sent.


The Man walks into the Quebec Espionage Department, and they let him in, having been notified in advance of his arrival. He comes to a meeting with the representatives. He quickly delivers his proposal, saying As you are aware our nations both spy on each other on a near constant basis, and this is becoming a drain on both of our reasources. Therefore to lessen the strain on both of us we propose this; an agent exchange pogram. Whenever agents are caught they will be promised good treatment in interrogation. From there they will be held and treated well, until agreed upon times. At these times these agents will be returned to their country of origin. This will reduce losses to each others counter-espionage campaigns, and allow them to be deployed elsewhere, benefiting both of our abroad networks. So what do you think of this proposal?