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Thread: [Welknair Update/Game Idea] Fourth Land

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamBurke View Post
    I've been thinking about it all day, and may take a crack at it (yay for first homebrew!), at least for Pathfinder, and link it here.
    Feel free! I did a bit of pondering myself, and decided that it wouldn't quite work out how it did for Fourthland. Given the way Fourthland characters grow, it's worked cleanly into everything.

    For d20 games, I think it'd be something more along the lines of "You're character is already fully developed, you just need to figure out who he is", where during the first session your actions determine where things get put. You'd of course need some better system than random allocation of character features.. This is where the mechanic would come in. I'm honestly interested to see what you'll come up with.

    Edit: I showed my copy-right friend the recent posts on this thread, and he's as enthusiastic as ever for me to get rolling. And now my test-players are interested in playing this regularly while we wait for everyone else to show up.. With any luck I can start cranking out materials, now that I'm a little more confident in my foundation.

    Random teaser-idea: When I get the base version of the rules done and typed up, I miiiight be willing to send the beta version to some people here on the forums to participate in a PbP using a chat service of some sort, possibly Steam or an IRC channel. This of course would be after my players have deemed the Alpha-Version not atrocious. It'll more than likely be a while.

    And another random tidbit: It's a d4 game. To play, each player needs a single d4. Or I suppose you could just pass one around. Or flip two coins, in a pinch.
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