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A bit of emphasis added.

But yeah, if and when the above occurs, you can probably count yourself in. The reason I want to use a chat thing like those instead of standard PbP on the forums is 1) Still dealing with copyright and 2) Things at the start obviously move pretty quick, and the forums would slow that down considerably.

Though we WOULD need to work out time zone stuff... Eh, the worst that could happen is people staying up till 2 in the morning trying to understand an entirely new universe. I don't know about you guys, but I do that anyways
I know, I know. Nevertheless, I'll be PMing it to you now, because I have finished my super-speedy attempt at Progressive Start.

Progressive Start. It needs some work, methinks.

In other news, I usually work at laaaaaaaaate night anyway. Games with my player start at 10:00 my time.