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Well, healing is essentially the only thing he can really do, so he does it really, really well.
Indeed. If this wasn't a pure hack'n'slash though, a healer would be underwhelming to play as a primary PC.

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Holy Crap, if you just sat there spamming Mass Cure Lights or something similar, we'd never get hurt.
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Even then, it is possible to over whelm him: he has limited spell slots.

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I hadnt really comprehended just how powerful those heals were going to be when I was reading through the Healer fix.
Keep in mind that level 10 is a watershed level for the Healer; that's when you get to add extra dice to your healing spells. One level ago that MCLW would have done 1d8+22 to everyone.

On the other hand, Mariah isn't even particularly optimized because a) the 10K item cap is preventing her stats from being higher and b) I'm a mediocre optimizer at best.

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Is there any sort of cap on her ability to give Temp HP? I was at 43/45 HP, got healed for 65 and am now at 108/45, I believe. :smalltongue:
As I said before, you have to be injured for a number of HP equal to half your hit dice in order to gain temp HP. So at our level, you need to be hurt for 4 or 5 damage in order to gain the temp HP. If you were at 43 of 45 HP, you now have 45 HP, not 108. I'd thought that Corretha was more injured than that actually. I might have done something different if it was just Sern and Mariah that had a lot of damage.