Though outside the night is cold, inside the cabin is warm and quiet. The fire lowers by itself as the night goes on, but some magical energy keeps it from going out. The beds are large and soft and the night passes without event.

You awake in the morning to hear birds chirping outside the cabin, a strange noise as you thought the cabin to be soundproof, cutting off contact with the outside world. Whomever opens the door feels the early morning chill and sees the sun still below the horizon, a red glow spreading up from the ground to the east. The birds are not heard outside though you can hear the sounds of the tent cities early risers beginning to move about.

Inside the cabin the food that was in the pantry and sideboard last night, chicken, bread and soup, has been replaced with more typical breakfast fare.

The bird sounds are the cabins way of informing you that it's morning. It's a magic alarm clock, of a sorts, as there's no windows to look out and the cabin is indeed soundproof. It's just before dawn, timewise. What's everyone doing?