Ash listens to Talsarios' explanation attentively and replies, " ' shame."

When he brings up her status, her gaze and head turn away from him to the fire semi-abruptly. To herself, she smirks and grunts softly at his words, but then smiles to reply, "I apologize if I don't meet the expectations of what a noble should be around here. Perhaps I'm of a different cloth. In any case, I prefer to wade my way through battle over a cup of tea and a room full of aristocrats. Though it would be a title a long way off to earn, I'd prefer the path of the Knight. To be respected among one's peers, one must not lord superiority over them based on a silly title given for their blood or family relations... Well, that is my opinion. I'm sure my uncle doesn't mind my take. Back home, I would be respected for gaining battle prowess -"

When Ash sees movement out of the corner of her eye, her hand is on her sword at her side before she notes the green vested person to be of no threat. She stays her hand and watches Talsarios as he reads the brief note of summoning.

When he's finished and spoken, she replies, "Hnmh, looks like things are going to pick up after all." A small grin spreads across her face and a glimmer of excitement sparks within her eyes.

"Perhaps I'll see you in the morrow then." With that, she picks up her pack and things and will set off back into town with a wave.