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I've heard it explained as being the accumulated nat-20s of the constituent members, if that helps anything.
That being said, I'm inclined to scrap the damn template and write my own/find a 'brewed substitute. This is creating far too many weird rule interactions lately.
I agree. I think the mob template abstracts too much. For example, if the mob does 5d6 because of 5 accumulated nat-20s, then the mob template glosses over that each nat-20 hit would normally have been reduced by Prayer i.e they should have done 5 * (1d6 -2), or 5d6 -10.

I know it's a PITA to have shloads of rolls, and PbP isn't exactly fast.... but I think the template has some room for improvement.

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Not sure about the others, but for me the mob isn't the really dangerous part. It's the archers. One arrow hit me, and it took about half of my max health. Four of them were shot at me, and if they had hit...
Yup. AC matters. Guess I need to get Mariah a shield...

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I wish there was a way to get those archers aiming at me. Taking every single arrow into account, only 1 of those attacks would have hit me.
Ehh, you made the tactical decision to engage the boss. I don't think we'd have enjoyed the boss whooping on our squishies either.