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    Default Re: Diablo 2 - The hack and slash game. [OoC3]

    Holy ****, someone send Corretha back to target practice.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tavar View Post
    Man, when did we skip to Hell difficulty?
    Could be a case of

    Fjodin joins the game, Diablo's minions grow stronger.
    Sern joins the game, Diablo's minions grow stronger.
    Tatsuhiro joins the game, Diablo's minions grow stronger.

    Quote Originally Posted by Diarmuid View Post
    At this point I need to know about the movement thing, so I can make my next move, IE: Can I move through the Mob, and does the movement provoke?

    Have a couple different options but some require proximity to target/allies.
    I can't see any way for the movement to provoke, as the mob doesn't make normal attacks.

    But you still can't move through a square occupied by an opponent. With exceptions, like come with special attacks. EDIT: Or when the creature is three categories bigger than you are. Go ahead, move through!
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