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The flying vampire throws the blade! The monster roars as the blade sinks into it's maw. However, it only chips a tooth and falls to the ground if it's a normal sword. It howls and spits out huge globs of green goo at Rot! Marciano hums a little song while he invisibly teleports crystal crates to Louyv're Laboratories.

The NO guys will reach an elevator. The only way down. The young woman has followed. Wait for me!

Sonnya just sticks by her new friend. She whispers, What do I do?

"We should circle around then find some sort of path or entrance. These bandits have to come from somewhere." Turning to Correl, "I'm also sure your skills are as sharp as ever, Sir Correl." Alfred's eyes are wide with admiration. Seems Correl's would-be squire is also his biggest fanboy.