Kalach's (mis)adventures continue.

The tower in the woods (is gone)
It's almost routine, now. Find tower, find guardian, break tower. Repeat.

The others don't know how worried I am about the pact. I don't know what I'm going to do...

In any case, we found the tower without difficulty thanks to the compass. It lies in a town surrounded by a forest.

Here I thought all their cities were metal. Maybe this world does have some subtlety to it. Or maybe they just ran out of iron.

There was one major problem, however. We met a half-orc named Kronc. there...he seemly friendly enough, and in fact was apparently a friend of the guardian.

Who is dead.

What happened next, though, defies belief. When we spoke of our need to enter the tower, he opened it...or rather, he lifted it free of the foundation. We can enter, in any case.

As can all the zombies in the woods. However, Kronc has been fighting them. For how long, well, who knows? But he showed no signs of slowing down.

First, the usual TITHE 'puzzle'. I didn't think people fell for that...ever...but Neeshka did. I'm SO glad she came with us.

Of all people, Elle stopped her. Really, when a thief is telling you not to steal, it should say something. As for the tithe bowl, that caused even more trouble, from both her and Elle.

Not sure why it mattered to them. Neither of them has any form of money, and I only still carry mine to get past these. I mean, this world doesn't even seem to use gold.

There were only two doors this time. The one we opened was a portal, as usual. Neehska opened the other...which had an armory behind it. The wizards had an armory. Well, I found better armor and a morningstar, so it suits me.

The other side of the portal was a desert. Right in front of something Elle said was a tank. The person controlling it has many like it. And he seems to like having armies. He has conscripted us. So now we're in the tank, and we're to serve as the first assault.

No, we don't have a choice. If we don't, he'll shoot us.

As if we didn't have enough problems on our hands.