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Allergic to page three, eh? Well, I can sympathize with that.

The main question: what about out-of-combat casting? You basically have unlimited spell slots per day, since you can always slaughter an entire forest of squirrels--or something similar. Sure, not applicable in combat, but still potentially problematic.

The essence mechanic is interesting, if unusual. I'm not sure how the balance would work out, but it's certainly something that's worth fine-tuning.
I had actually changed the title before I bumped, but there was one of those silly forum errors. It showed the new (current) title in the thread, but the old one in the main forum. Mysterious!

Yes, out-of-combat casting is an issue I'm not sure how to handle. Also, essentially free orisons. You could essence drain your buddy and then repeatedly cure minor wounds on them every turn to refill your essence out of combat, too. I figure they're trading more-or-less unlimited out-of-combat casting for the ability to "go nova"--they don't have to worry about running out of spells per day, but they're still using less spells during combat than even a wizard who's being conservative with his spells. I can't think of any particular way they might abuse this (they'll be wasting turns on any duration-based buff spells to recharge, too), but if you or anyone else can think of something, let me know and I'll see if I can find some way to fix it.

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They have 9th level spells off a nice list; just remember that; the recharge might be a bit much.

Empowered Essence Drain+Enervating Essence Drain+Withering Essence Drain: I am Incorporeal. I use Essence Drain, and then, upon successfully hitting, activate Enervating Essence Drain, thus inflicting 12 Constitution damage and a negative level.

Which is entirely appropriate, I would say.
I hope I did my wording right, because I'm afraid I don't understand how you got that outcome. Withering drain replaces the damage from essence drain, period (not each dice of damage) and essence drain, being a spell-like ability, isn't usable in incorporeal form without the appropriate ability, and empowered drain replaces the 1d6 damage with 2d6 damage (it doesn't add 1d6). So, withering drain and empowered essence drain aren't usable at the same time, you'd pick one or the other. But, you COULD be incorporeal, go corporeal at the beginning of your turn as a free action, melee attack the target, deal an additional 12d6 damage OR 6 con damage and drain 1 level. but then that's all the tricks you get from the class, you'd have to successfully hit with a melee attack with average BAB, and you'd be level 20 to pull it off. That's still pretty powerful, but I think most classes could pull off something equally as devastating by level 20, probably? I dunno, that's what I'm hoping you guys can help me figure out.