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    Default Re: Shadepriest (3.5 Base Class, PEACH, somebody? anybody?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Amechra View Post
    I'm sorry, I half edited that:

    You need:
    1. The Special Ability that converts damage dice into Con damage
    2. That ability that increases your Essence Drain by 1.
    3. That ability that allows you to make an Essence Drain attack as a free action if you make a successful attack.
    4. The realization that Essence Drain is a successful attack.
    D'oh! It was number 4 that I missed. I had intended for that to only count weapon attacks (flavor being that you can use the blood you draw from the attack to enhance the drain, maybe?). I have edited it to reflect that. Good catch, thanks!

    And on rereading, I totally misunderstood what you were proposing before the edits, anyway! Dang, I need to read better.
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