Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee's final film before his untimely death in 1973.

Lee (Bruce Lee) has been asked by his temple, and by an unnamed British agency, to enter a tournament held by a corrupt former Shaolin named Han (Shih Kien). His mission is to infiltrate Han's hidden lair, gather evidence of his drugs and sex trade operations, and radio back for extraction, hopefully living through it all.

We are also introduced to two other men on their own mission. Roper (John Saxon) is looking to win the tournament and the money so he can maybe pay off his debts. Willaims (Jim Kelly) is there to.... well they really don't say why he's there. He was heading to Hong Kong before the cops stopped him. Maybe he was just tired of being harassed? But Roper and Willaims are friends from Vietnam, and they both seem to be good guys as far as knowing right from wrong.

Other than the main stars and villains, there are three little known, or just rising martial arts stars in this film. Which one of those three is killed at the end of his fight scene?