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    The Menagerie

    Monster classes

    Base Classes

    Hedge witches that focus on curses and divinations. Their trademark ability is the malocchio (evil eye), a grave curse that interacts with a hexblade's curse, making each other impossible to resist. They also use a power called maleficium to enhance their malocchio, spells, or defenses, and can form a coven with other arcane casters to share spell knowledge.

    An invoker that uses his enemies' blood—and his own—as a weapon. Unlike Warlocks, who focus on damage, and Dragonfire Adepts, who focus on battlefield control, Hæmaturges excel at enfeebling their enemies and empowering themselves. Comes with thirty-six new invocations, two ACFs, two sets of substitution levels, two magic items, and five feats.

    Prestige Classes

    Martial Knight of the Raven
    Knight of the Raven is a prestige class from Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, dedicated to using divine magic to combat the undead. This adaptation instead uses maneuvers and stances to fight the undead scourge.
    Yee Naaldlooshii
    The skinwalker from Navajo legend is a wise man or wise woman who practices a twisted mockery of the Witchery Way. By skinning animals or humans and then wearing their pelts they can take their form. This prestige class aims to capture the feel of the Yee Naaldlooshii, which can transform itself into an ever widening number of creatures, and can eventually create patchwork skins, taking the best qualities from each pelt to become a horrible, powerful abomination.
    Viridian Aspirant
    When civilization encroaches on the forests, some druids and priests of holy groves use the power of animals to preserve the wood. Viridian Aspirants look to the trees. They gradually take on aspects of trees, eventually becoming a Greenman. (Yes, this is inspired by my avatar.)
    Most know Bacchus as the god of wine and revelry. Few remember that he bestowed upon his followers a madness wherein they both saw the future and attacked the uninitiated in a blood frenzy. By imbibing sacred wine, Maenads enter an orgiastic frenzy, vastly increasing their spellcasting power.
    Dwarven Wandwright*
    Dwarves, as everyone knows, are the only race that knows the secret of creating magic items without casting spells. They guard this secret by restricting the travel of their artificers. This makes it difficult to provide versatile magic support to dwarven armies. Dwarven Wandwrights have limited training in creating magic items--they specialize in making and using wands--and so are less of a security risk, but they learn many new tricks to provide the magic that is essential to overcoming enemies of the dwarves.
    Livewood Daughter
    Dryads make poor adventurers, what with their inability to leave their trees. Some make their homes in livewood trees, however, which remain alive after being felled. When a livewood tree with a bound dryad is cut down to make a cabinet, a spear, or a ship, its new owner often finds himself facing the wrath of an angry dryad that seeks to take back possession of her tree.

    Some that succeed take up adventuring, enchanting their tree as a magic item: a fetish. These are the livewood daughters

    Twice-Bound Soul (WIP)
    There are many forms of forbidden power, but the greatest of them are pacts with devils and with vestiges. Twice-bound souls have signed their immortal souls away not just once, like many warlocks or binders, but many times. This provides them with great power, but comes at a cost. While their vestigial and diabolic patrons work together to empower them, once they die their soul is kept in chains so it cannot be stolen by the other powers that lay claim to it. Despite this, no few souls have made these faustian bargains and so wreaked havoc against their enemies.

    Inspired Inventor
    Most artificers pride themselves on their ability to carefully craft works of beauty and power. Not the inspired inventor.

    Inspired inventors build insane contraptions—widgets, gadgets, whirligigs, and gizmos—from cogs and wheels and whatever they have lying around their shops, and rely on flashes of inspiration to get their inventions to work. Their inventions aren't based on elegant theories of magic, either; they're mechanical, alchemical, or biological, and so fuction even when magic could not. And their inventions rarely have any subtlety to them: no graceful wands, but plenty of explosions, traps, and machines belching smoke and fire.

    The three soulmelds that make up the raiment of the night—the dusk gloves, the twilight cloak, and the midnight vestments—draw upon the souls of deceased thieves, saboteurs, enchanters, ninjas, illusionists, spies, and even those mortals affected by the blood of Vecna, whose only connection to the world is the imprint their soul left on incarnum. They bestow the power to hide from enemies, to trick them, to blind them, and to craft spells that bypass their defenses and ensnare them in webs of shadow and deceit.

    Anyone, with some knowledge and skill, can learn to shape one or two of the raiment's members, but to truly master them takes skill at deception and magic in addition to meldshaping. These rare meldshaper-mages are the nightwearers.

    Faerie Champion
    When a powerful fey needs to cheat, to lie, to steal, or to kill a mortal, she takes a mortal champion. In exchange for his servitude he gains a measure of the faeries' glamour and a devoted fey ally.

    Faerie Court Mage
    Faerie magic is limited. While the fair folk excel at corrupting minds, misleading their enemies, and creating fabulous illusions, they have difficulty with more concrete magic: the manipulation of the elements, changing things in essence and not merely in seeming, and seeing the true natures of things. Thus enters the Faerie Court Mage.

    A mage pledged to the service of a powerful fey gains particular expertise in the magic beloved of the fey and some of their resilience. At the zenith of his power, a Faerie Court Mage gains the ability to create a stronghold in Faerie itself.

    Faerie-Thrall Liberator
    According to a Fairie-Thrall Liberator, those who treat with fey or call them "fair folk" are misguided at best and indifferent to the suffering of others at worst. Fey are little more than entitled princes, taking whatever and whomever they please. And the Faerie Thrall Liberator means to stop that.

    Those who take on this dangerous task gain access to special incantations against faeries and protection against their glamour. Moreover, they gain the ability to share this power with rescued thralls so they can make good their escape.

    Mithridatic Warrior


    Races of Adem: Tweaks and Templates*
    Modified races for the upcoming world of Adem.
    Unprotected Casting Skill*
    Those unpracticed in safe casting skills can still learn to work magic, at the cost of their own health.
    Dungeoneer's Book of Incantations
    Ever found yourself in with a dead ally and nary a cleric in sight? Then this book is for you!
    New Chameleon Aptitude Focuses
    New psionic, meldshaper, vestige binding, initiating, invoking, and sphere-using aptitude focuses, and much improved combat, stealth, and wild focuses.

    *Specifically designed for the upcoming world of Adem, but for the most part feasible outside it.

    Praise and Stuff

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    Player Character Race Class Speech Colour
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    Jeff, I don't think you have enough classes.
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    Chronocharms, shapesand, and rings of evasion
    Masterwork tools and Incense (Meditation)
    Enveloping pits and Graft'd Feathered Wings
    These are a few of my favorite things
    Ioun Stones (the orange ones) and sentira armor
    Aureon's Spellshard, a wand with a glamer
    Some Raptor Arrows and Diamond Mind Rings
    These are a few of my favorite things
    Thaalud stone armor and Serpentstongue Arrow
    Compression dorjes when passageways narrow
    Wintermoon Bows, endless flame on my bling
    These are a few of my favorite things
    When the worg bites
    When the formian stings
    When I'm feeling sad
    I simply grab all of my favorite things
    And then I make them hurt bad!
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