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Thread: Spiderblood Assassin [3.5e Class][PEACH]

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    Thank you for replying to my question about making a homebrew class.

    I have a few thoughts on some of the abilities for the Assassin.

    Whispers of the Web seems to me like it would be better if the Assassin got it at level 10, and Spider Empathy seems to me like it might be better at level 5.

    Also for Whispers of the Web, I think that there should also be a low level version of it where you have to make a Linguistics check to see if they understand you, which is replaced by the normal version of Whispers of the Web when you gain it at level 10/12 (depends on whether you change it).

    By the time that the Assassin gets to level 5, it's likely that he'll have already taken Weapon Finesse as a feat, so I think that either they gain it at first level (which would probably be a bad idea) or, upon reaching level five, they gain Weapon Finesse if they don't already have it, and if they do, then they can either choose another feat to get instead, or choose an Assassin Technique to learn.

    About Weapon Subtly, is it that it adds half of your DEX to your damage which will already be using DEX from Weapon Finesse?

    I think that the Spiderblood Assassin should have Handle Animal act as a trained skill if he is using it on a spider, and maybe a bonus to Diplomacy and Handle Animal when using them on a spider.

    I would also like to see the SB Assassin raise their sneak attack damage at the same rate that rogues and ninjas do. I would also like to see the same done with the skill points per level, so that is the same as it is for Rogue and Ninja.

    Also, a Technique I would like to see added is a web grenade-type technique, where the Assassin throws a ball of web that explodes upon impact, dealing no damage, but entangling everyone in a 5' radius.

    I would also like to see a few of things added to Silk Weaver/Web Hunter, the ability to use web to make a sort of kite/parachute to slow down your fall and allow you to land safely, and the ability to use Silk Weaver to grab items and pull them to you or send flying away. Another use that I think should be added to Silk Weaver is the ability to use it to grapple enemies and pull them towards you or possibly pin them. I would enjoy seeing the ability to use Silk Weaver to pull yourself towards a wall at a faster speed (sending the web at a wall and using it to propel yourself to it and land safely on it if you have Grip of the Spider or next to it if you don't). Also, could Silk Weaver be used to go from wall to wall (Spiderman-style, I just had to ask this)?

    If you read all of it and use some of it in the Spiderblood Assassin, then thank you, and these are just some thoughts I came up with, so use them if you like. Also, I would like to know what bonuses to my AC I would get if I used Silk Weaver to make myself light armor made of spider silk since spider silk is as strong as steel and really durable.
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