[Harnel's Birthday Party]

Harnel sits back and thinks for a moment. How to answer this?

"She was a girl named Devony. She was young, about seventeen, I think, but she seemed interested in me. Blue eyes and short, curly brown hair, but it ddn't turn out well. In fact, it turned out very badly" His chair moves back onto it's back legs, the front supported by Harnel legs and tail, "We got to talking in a pub one night when we were staying a little town called Reimus. Tomwise wanted to stay in town for a while to do some research the vampires we were hunting at the time, so we had a bit of time to get to know one another. Eventually, she managed to trick me into taking my hood off, and saw that I was a half-dragon. She didn't scream, or panic like some other people would have. She just sort of stared at me, then asked me what it was like to have scales. I think that's the first time I really considered having something with her."

"But... Well, we were in a dangerous profession. Vampires are intelligent, and knew we were after them. so they got to us through weaker links. Devony was turned before the week was up. When we got to her, she said she didn't blame me. Somehow, I doubt that, but it was kind of her to say. My understanding is that she went back to life as it was beforehand, working on a ranch during the night and getting blood from the cows rather than from people. She seemed happy the last time I saw her."

Harnel stops there, listening to the sound of the forest around them, wondering whether he should have stopped well before where he did. As it was, he probably killed the mood of the entire party. leaves rustle in the wind and a bird calling can be heard a little further to the south. That was something he'd been holding onto for a long while, and when he started talking about it, it all just came out. It felt... surprising that there was some closure he felt around Devony being happy. Like that made it better, despite what she was turned into.

He's almost fallen into a trance-like state by the end of that. Cessie, Sakura, and Adir may get the feeling that part of that was him talking to himself more than them, like he needed to hear it.