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Thread: Spiderblood Assassin [3.5e Class][PEACH]

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    This is going to be my attempt at making web slinging/gliding mechanics, because I can and I'm bored.

    [spoiler] A Spider Blood Assassin with the Silk Weaver Technique has the ability to use this ability as an alternate form of movement, using the strength of spider silk to keep him in the air. The silk used is a special kind that dissolves once the Assassin releases it for more than two rounds.

    The SB Assassin sends web from his hand to a location of his choice (or just a location that allows him to continue moving in the direction he wants to) and, if held, can be used to turn, as in turn around corners or turn around.

    This form of movement allows the Spider Blood Assassin to avoid many obstacles that would hinder his movement if he was on the ground (for example, spikes). Though there may be other obstacles, like birds and bridges high up going from tower to tower.

    If the Spider Blood Assassin hits a structure, he can make web to get down safely or continue web slinging before falling. If he has the Grip of the Spider Technique, than he will not fall and can climb up the wall if he wants to get to a window or some other spot on the structure.

    A Spider Blood Assassin with the Silk Weaver Technique who reaches level 5, or learns the Technique after level 5, gains the ability to use Silk Weaver to make a sort of kite and glide around with it, using Silk Weaver to raise his altitude when he to low and is near a structure taller than he is high.

    A Spider Blood Assassin is also capable of using Silk Weaver to propel himself towards a wall, landing next to the wall, or on the wall if he has Grip of the Spider. [spoiler]

    Please tell me what you think about it, I just came up with this in about 10-20 minutes at 12:30 AM.

    PS - If someone would tell me how to make spoilers on my posts, I would appreciate it.
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