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Thank you again for replying to my post.

The reason that I suggested the web parachute is that some spiders do that in real life.
They don't actually. Some people call it a parachute but all they are doing is creating a webline, letting the web be caught in the wind, this then pulls them with the web because of their tiny weight.

Also, Wizards get the Fly spell at level 5, and Sorcerers get it at level 6. The web slinging allows travel through some areas better than others. By allowing the SB Assassin the ability to make a sort of kite made out of web, they can get through places like forests much easier, and can be combined with the web slinging to keep them going. Maybe you could have it so that, if you have Silk Weaving, if you reach level 5 or you get the Technique after level 5, you can use the kite to glide to help keep up with those flying wizards.
I don't think Wizards can do it, makes it a valid argument for balance. Also if you can web swing, why would you ever glide?

Also, how exactly would it be overpowered to have the sneak attack and skill points progress at the same rate as a ninja or rogue?
Because the class in its current state is as powerful as a Ninja or Rogue, if not more powerful. Adding in more power, makes it more powerful.

About Weapon Finesse, my group has it so that it is also used for damage.
That doesn't change how my ability works though.

Also, you are already giving the SB Assassin a bonus feat, you could just give them options for them to choose from where they must meet the requirements and they have to be on the list, also it would be nice to have the ability to exchange it for a Technique, not an Advanced Technique of course, just a regular one. Also, need I mention the fact that a Fighter gets 11 bonus feet, I mean sure they don't get many abilities, but it still helps make them a lot stronger if done right.
I've changed it so that you gain a Technique.

I suggest having it so that spiders start off neutral or unfriendly towards the SB Assassin if that spider is normally hostile to make it possible to talk to and befriend the spider.
That would mean mind controlling every spider creature you come across, that would be too powerful flavour wise for me to put that at a low level.

Also, about using web to get onto a wall, it's based on Spiderman, mostly a memory of one of the games where, in one level, you have to get pass laser sensors, and to do that you use web to go from one wall to another without touching the sensors, and when you get to the wall, you stay on the wall. It's like Spiderman using webslinging to go from building to building and being able to just stop and hang out on the side of a building, I mean, he doesn't fall off, now does he?
I was meaning how does he propel himself towards the wall. As this class is you could probably already do that. Jump at the wall then use Grip of the Spider to hold onto the building.

May I also suggest adding some Weapon Proficiencies (like katanas and wakizashis) because Ninjas ended up making the Rogue class seem much less useful, especially with all their weapon proficiencies.
I see no reason to add in japanese weapons into a class that has nothing to do with japan, flavour-wise or mechanically.

Also, how about the ability to use Silk Weaving to, let's say, grab a bomb that is near an ally with a strand of web, and send it flying off behind you. Also, how about using your web to disarm an enemy by using it to grab their weapon. How about using your web powers to pin an enemy to the ground or to a tree.
So far you can pull objects and weapons towards you but I haven't got the mechanics to make you throw it away. I do plan on adding in the ranged grapple using web though.

Also, I think that the ability to bring back the spider web that you make would be useful (using the web to descend from the ceiling, stab a guard, and then have the web recede so that your on the ceiling again).
Good idea.

You just know that people will be refering to the Sense of the Hunter Technique as their "spidey senses tingling." Well, that is until the GM has a rock fall on them...

For Grip of the Spider, did I read this right, you can walk on walls and across ceilings using only your feet? Heck yeah. *stands on wall, uses Oil of Silence on a rifle, and shoots a guard* Was I reading it right though?

I suggest that you set this class as an alternate class for Rogue (like Ninja is) so that players can take levels in SB Assassin or Rogue or Ninja, but only one of those three, not two of them or all three.
I didn't know that you can't be a Rogue and a Ninja.

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This is going to be my attempt at making web slinging/gliding mechanics, because I can and I'm bored.

A Spider Blood Assassin with the Silk Weaver Technique has the ability to use this ability as an alternate form of movement, using the strength of spider silk to keep him in the air. The silk used is a special kind that dissolves once the Assassin releases it for more than two rounds.

The SB Assassin sends web from his hand to a location of his choice (or just a location that allows him to continue moving in the direction he wants to) and, if held, can be used to turn, as in turn around corners or turn around.

This form of movement allows the Spider Blood Assassin to avoid many obstacles that would hinder his movement if he was on the ground (for example, spikes). Though there may be other obstacles, like birds and bridges high up going from tower to tower.

If the Spider Blood Assassin hits a structure, he can make web to get down safely or continue web slinging before falling. If he has the Grip of the Spider Technique, than he will not fall and can climb up the wall if he wants to get to a window or some other spot on the structure.

A Spider Blood Assassin with the Silk Weaver Technique who reaches level 5, or learns the Technique after level 5, gains the ability to use Silk Weaver to make a sort of kite and glide around with it, using Silk Weaver to raise his altitude when he to low and is near a structure taller than he is high.

A Spider Blood Assassin is also capable of using Silk Weaver to propel himself towards a wall, landing next to the wall, or on the wall if he has Grip of the Spider.

Please tell me what you think about it, I just came up with this in about 10-20 minutes at 12:30 AM.
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As for your ability, how much distance can they travel each round with this ability, how much does the altitude change with each use of the kite, how far can you go with the kite, how far distance can you move with propeling yourself to the wall, does it take an action?