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The distance the kite can go, well I'm not sure, it depends on whether or not they continue propelling themselves using web, and the kite would, for the most part, be used in areas where it would be hard to use webs (forests, deserts, etc).
The Kite doesn't make sense though, the air would go through it, and if it doesn't I doubt it would be generate enough lift to slow your decent.

Also, for propelling yourself towards a wall, you send the web at the wall, it hits the wall, and you then have it recede, pulling you towards the wall a good speed without hitting the ground, though that would probably need to be balanced, and it could be used to get pass traps or go down a hallway at high speeds.
*cue a minotaur seeing a blur speeding pass him and the minotaur falling down in surprise*
It isn't a mechanically device, you can't get the web to receed.

For sending items away after grabbing them with the web, think of a sling, only instead of spinning it in your hand, it spins around you, and you spin the item around on the end of the web, and then you let go, sending it flying away.
I understand that, I was more meaning mechanically.

For weapon proficiencies, the katana and wakizashi were examples of items that could be added.
Those weapon have nothing to do with this class though as this isn't Japanese Oriented.

You never gave me a response on the things about using the web to go down behind a guard and using a grapple roll to break his neck while staying up using a sticky part of web between your legs.
I don't see why you can't do that already.

May I also suggest you give the Spider Blood Assassin proficiency in Whips and an ability that allows the the SB Assassin to use his web as a one-handed whip, and can dual-wield them, possibly with daggers on the end if he attaches them.
That dagger whip sounds more like an item rather than an ability. But making a whip doesn't sound overpowered.

How about, as a mount, the SB Assassin gains a large-sized spider as a mount as a class ability, since Samurai and Cavalier and Wizards and Sorcerers can summon mounts.... you know what, never mind, he can just websling and hitch a ride on one of them. Though you could have the Child of Araneae grow large-sized as a mount when the SB Assassin chooses to but gains no size bonuses or penalties except for a bonus to speed which is only received out of combat.
It shouldn't be hard to gain a large Child of Araneae I'll add one in.

Also, seeing as how this is effectively an alternate class for the rogue, it seems like they should get the full Sneak Attack damage, not like SB Assassin can turn invisible or have a ki pool, while the Rogue and Ninja get plently of things that the SB Assassin don't have, the SB Assassin also have things that Rogue and Ninja don't have.
I guess. I would prefer a second opinion before I make changes to this though, as it changes the balance significantly.

Also, how am I the only person, other than you Milo, who is commenting on this, it's an amazing class.
Not sure might be people already saw it a month ago, in a competition. In fact the 1st place award in my signature is my prize for this class.