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    Spellshaping (Subsystem):
    A system of magic similar to the Tome of Battle system of martial maneuvers. More information can be found in the discussion and rules threads.

    Base Classes:
    • Dementist - Summoning creatures formed from your own insane recollections. Good times.
    • Quixotic Knight - Because, secretly, everyone wants to tilt at windmills.

    Class Rewrites:
    • Bard - As it turns out, the scop wasn't known for its abilities with magic.
    • Jester - Who would hire a dangerous magic-user as an entertainer, anyway?

    Monster Rewrites:
    • Elementals - Air and fire elementals shouldn't have natural armor. Now, they don't.

    Variant Rules:
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    Homebrew I've written. Includes an entire index of the spellshaping materials, as well as a few other tidbits I've done.