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    ...And the hells will ascend onto the lands of the living...
    - End-Time prophecies

    It was the 5th aniversary of the Kheranic fundamentalists victory and the declaration of Samubai Imikheras as the Republics Supreme Leader. Now he held his aniversal speech in front of the masses speaking of their reighteousness under God but also of the holy lands of Kherans pilgrimage which were still held by Madagascari infedels.
    Just a few hours ago he had send out instructions to his political and military commanders.
    A small force was directed to expand northwards and gain access to new recources to supply the bulk of the army that was preparing to liberate the holy lands.
    General Ezekiel Mekmende was carried by the fastest hovertruck to the Caliphate to coordinate with the Ethiopian generals. He also carried a personal message from the Supreme Leader to his highness the Caliph.
    Then the Supreme leader instructed his President to initiate diplomatic relations with all the great asian and north african nations. One ship was sent to the Empire of the Resplendent Sun with Dr. Sonja Imibwazi acting as envoy. Similar diplomatic ships were sent to Khmer, Bod, Majapit, Kushan, Satavahana, the Mongol Khanate, the Emirates and the Roman Empire. The purpose was to exchange scientific knowledge and technology and to establish trade relations. (OOC - While these envoys are not exactly a secret please only act as if you know if you have enough espionage and were spying on the relevant nations)
    The Supreme Leader also lifted the ban on research regarding Acherium but strictly only to learn how to counteract it or how to make it safe.
    Lastly he gave his official blessing to the religious mission South America. Even in times of war peaceful endeavors and generosity should not be forgotten. (OOC - The missionary ship will land between realworld Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, establish a mission on the coast there and spread out from there to preach Kheranism, feed the poor, heal the sick, establish schools and do all the other stuff that missions normally do in third world countries)

    Message to the Caliph of Ethiopia: (Lowest Espionage 9)
    To His Highness the Caliph Abudjib Odesmaha Umenei III, Steward of Kheran and Supreme Authority to the Ethiopian People under God.

    Dear brother Abudjib, I believe the time is has come to take the holy lands back from the infedels and as servants of God and followers of Kheran it is our duty to stand together in this endeavor. Therefore I have sent one of my finest generals to coordinate with your advisors. I besiege you for your blessing and support in this cause.
    May His glory shine upon you, your brother under God.
    His Ecxellency Samubai Imikheras, Patriarch of the Kheranic Church and Father of the Republic of Saloa by will of God.

    Attached is a copy of all the attack plans and crucial information about the Saloan agents infiltrating Kenyuganda and Madagascar. (OOC - If everything goes right then Mekmende will as Ethiopia to send out their espionage agents to sopport Saloas agents in Kenyuganda and Madagascar. Attack plans will be made next round.)

    Message carried by Dr. Sonja to the Emperor: (Lowest Espionage 8)
    To the Kakushinbitoku Emperor Hiroyuki of the Empire of the Resplendent Sun.

    Great Emperor. This diplomatic envoy was sent by me from the Kheranic Republic of Saloa located in the southern reaches of Africa. We marvel your culture and technological advances and hope to establish trade and friendship between our countries. I hope that peace and prosperity will be the only thing that comes from our future relations. God bless you.
    Mubar Maroon, President of the Kheranic Republic of Saloa

    EoT: (Do I need to disclose my stats?)
    2 units to recon/expand towards south Angola, allying and supporting any Kheranists in any quarrels in hope to create a puppet/ally regime and/or to incorporate the lands into the Republic.
    The rest of the military prepares for the coming war. Naval forces (almost half of total military) concentrated in the southern harbors and patroling the sea there, ground forces securing the borders, training and mostly setting up just below real world Tanzania.

    Send 2 units on scouting and intel mission beyond the northern borders of Saloa with priority to learn about the local rulers and their relations to each other (seeking potential allies and weaknesses of the rest) and to catalogize any Pits of Hades and other potential resources. They will not spread higher than just into the borders of real world Congo.
    Send 2 units to infiltrate Kenyuganda focused on three prime missions: a) Create an underground network of local fundamentalists and other anti-communists to prepare attack from within synchronized with the comming invasion. b) Learn any and all information possible about the state of the military. c) infiltrate government and report anything relevant.
    Send 3 units to the lands conquered by Madagascar on the same missions as those sent to Kenyuganda.
    Send 2 units to Madagascar proper, one to infiltrate the government and one to infiltrate the navy.

    2 points towards counteracting the effects of Acherium. That means both short-term medicine and ways to repair long-term damage to environment (should support military and morale equally).
    2 points towards perfecting Acherium-less hover technology and production.
    2 points towards researching Phlegentiums potential to enhance projectile weapons (focusing more on artillery, but also looking into applications for smaller weapons).

    6 points to support the war effort against Madagascar.
    3 points for the religious mission to the coasts of Brazil.

    Pit Resources:
    +1 to Military by building a fleet of mediumsized hovertanks.
    +1 to Military by expanding the military railroad network connecting major cities, factories, military bases and food/water production.
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