008: Dragonblood and heritage:

Unless I am missing something, you have to take several feats or be a sorcerer to benefit from Dragon Heritage feats.

Characters with the Dragonblood subtype count as a Sorcerer of their character level in regards to Dragon Heritage feats.

009: It's not armour, it's thick clothing

Padded armour; what is there to say about it? ... It's cheap, I suppose. But really, it's padded clothing. A little bulky, perhaps, but nowhere near being labled "armour". It even says in the description that it's only "quilted layers of cloth and batting."

Padded armour is not considered armour for any reason, except for enchanting purposes ONLY, but retains its AC bonus and maximum dexterity bonus. Padded armour must still be made masterwork before it can be enchanted. It only costs 100 additional gold to create masterwork padded armour.