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    Bost barely waits for the last of his hirelings to sit before slowly rising to address the group.

    "The keep in the eastern woods is turning out to be a tremendous asset. Thank you for again securing it for me. The riders you brought back sold me some interesting information regarding the area, apparently gleaned from the goblins you flushed out for them, and I'd like to send you back there to investigate." He offers a tense inhalation and slight sigh before continuing.

    "However, as you may have heard,"
    he says overestimating the political connection of the assembled or perhaps just being charitable, "the Baron's council has some concerns about a development west of town. A new expansion to the west, beyond even the existing farms, has run into some trouble. Apparently, my praise of your work out at the old mill did not go unnoticed and the council has asked me to employ you to investigate.

    I will offer you the same payment as before, but at least this effort requires far less travel. Lady Aleena Halaran of the Church has come to convey a couple messages to you regarding the task."

    He gestures to her politely before sitting down.

    She rises to address the group. Aleena is a classic Thyatian beauty, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and an attractive figure more highlighted than hidden by her custom-fit armor. She is well-dressed in the style of a traveling cleric, albeit a colorful one. She speaks with quiet authority and lack of any presumption.

    "Threshold would appreciate your help. Lord Bost will compensate you well, and his standing will only rise upon your success. Already the halls of power buzz with talk of the new mill, Bost's new eastern acquisition, and his ambitious young rangers.

    To be brief, during the building of a new lookout tower in the hills west of town, the workers encountered a cavern. Two entered to investigate its depth and determine the stability of the land. They did not return. We hold out some hope for their return. We would like you to see if they yet live and retrieve them or give them their proper final rites. Also, as you did with the mill, so I've heard, we would like you clear the place out and make it safe to excavate or perhaps use.

    Your companion Stefan is involved in his rites to become an Adept, so he will not be able to join you. Another Adept of the Church has been sent out the site to join and assist you. Miss Nightengale will greet you there."
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