I'm not sure whether or not I was kidding when I had mentioned the Dagger Whip, but I don't think I was... but I do not regret suggesting it, though it does need to be a bit stronger, or else the SB Assassin could just buy a Scorpion Dagger instead.

I was also thinking that maybe there could also be other versions, like a version where you attach a short sword to the end.

Also, I was thinking that you unlock the Weapon of the Web at level 5 if you have Silk Weaver, rather than having as a separate Technique, same with Araneae Hand, which you have learned at level 10, though it seems like it should be learned at level 5.

For Camouflage, it says you need 12 ranks in stealth, wouldn't that mean you have to be level 12 to learn it so that, by then, you'll have put 12 skill points into stealth or is this something the group has been doing wrong (which I hope it is).

Also, for Child of Araneae, I was thinking that at level 10, you can also call a large-sized spider, which can also be used as a mount.