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    More*Sevet will have to wait a bit, I'm not exactly smart, so a clever escape plan will take a while.

    More Alfred will have to wait a while, because it would have to be the parent's perspective and I am a lazy dope.

    Emmi and probably the Guild if i ever make it.

    Make the World Beautiful

    The rolling rattle of skate wheels on concrete echoed that night. Wearing a plastic fair mask of a kitty cat, and red head phones over curly hair, a girl by the figure, skates up to the empty wall. It would make a good canvas. Lifting the mask up to free her mouth, she takes a whistle from her rainbow colored camo-patterned hoodie and blows.

    "Hwack-Hwack" the duck call sounds out into the night.

    More rattling. This time several skaters, all in different masks. The first to speak up is a skater in a surgeons mask. "Nice wall, Emmi. It'll be perfect."

    "Glad you think so, Doc" the kitty mask says, "Who's picking the subject today?"

    "Yo." says a younger kid in the back with a pig mask. "I figured today we could try a little life drawing." he says micheviously as he pulls out something that sounds like a magazine. He shines a flashlight on the selected page revealing it to be a calendar. A naughty one.

    "Is that the freakin Remnant Cheif?" a skater in the back asks.

    "Little perv", Doc says snatching the calendar and thwacking the kid on the head. "The point of this club was to decrease that nonsense. Kids go to school this way y'know. Who am I kidding? Of course you know. You probably go to school this way." He finds that Emmi has taken the calendar and looks over the painting.

    "I have been meaning to practice anatomy." she says, intrigued by the idea.

    "Eh, Eh?" he says to Doc.

    "Don't get me wrong, Joker is still a little perv and his picking priveleges should be revoked for like, ever. But we can clean this up, and make it presentable. Is Eve here?"

    "Yeppers." a short blue haired girl in a Smiley mask rolls to kitty mask from the group.

    "You've got all the mecha pilot plugsuits memorized, right?"

    "Baaaackwards and forewards."

    "Good you're on suit detail then. Everyone else, you know what to do. And someone keep joker from the naughty bits."

    "Never get to have any fun." Joker pouts.

    The only sounds for the rest of the night are the hissing of spray paint cans, and later the rolling of skate wheels away from the scene.*

    That morning, over what should have been a big empty wall, a bigger than life painting of Remnant's own Vasquez in a sexy pose that shows off her chest. Only instead of being naked, she's wearing the red mech pilot suit of a particularly popular anime. Neither perfectly skin tight, nor exactly modest, the suit manages to show off her form that the artists worked so hard on without coming off as, at least intentionally, perverse. Next to the picture is a vertical list of names

    General Surgeon aka "The Doc"
    Freakin A!
    All-hallows Eve
    Shady Spring
    Impractical Joker
    Beautiful M.E.
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