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Grundlekrug's Lair

The claws rake Rot. Any flesh left on the vampire is suddenly diseased...though this "disease" doesn't rely on germs. It rips Rot's flesh before it doesn't die, but falls limp from blood loss. The titanic beast falls to the ground. Hopefully Rot takes the blade out before it kills the Grundlekrug. Marciano becomes uninvisible, ...Wow...ya impressed me there...I like ya Rot...ya know 'ow t' ge' things done...don't kill i'! Then give me a 'and over 'ere with these crates.

(Now we wait for Marciano's pursuers.)
[Abandoned Louv're Mine - Grundlekrug's Lair]

Rot removes his blade from the monster and gives Marciano a frightening grin. With this latest affliction, the vampire has a distressingly large amount of flesh missing and bone showing. He doesn't seem too bothered by this.

"I like your monster. It put up a good fight."

He stalks over to the small man to assist him with the crates.

*renews poke to the Good Guys*