Suddenly, Ran freezes in place. Slowly, a smile spreads across his alien features.
"I just thought of something. Why are we trying to just kidnap the representative? We can do something far, far more useful."
He stands still for a moment, seeming to run through things in his head.
"All right. We could just use this as a backup - an "in case we fail" plan, but I think it should be our main plan."
Smiling, and gesturing grandly, he makes his startling announcement.
"Rather than trying to stop the deal, we should try to ensure it goes smoothly."
Completely in his element now, he grins at the confused stares of the rest of the squad.
"What we want to do is to sneak into Jabba's storehouses. If he does intend to make a large arms deal, he will have a large supply of weapons in one of them. What we do then is subtly plant tracker chips in several of the weapons. If the deal doesn't go ahead, our loss. So we'll try to keep tabs on the representative, and grab him when he leaves. But if the deal DOES go ahead, rather than just handing Lord Vader one unimportant representative, we can hand him the rebels entire base of operations."
Obviously pleased with himself, he sketches a small bow, and waves to imaginary applause, before resuming his seat.