Ha! Scolding?

Scolding won't stop him! Not when he's this hungry at least.

The last time he had a ghost object to being eaten he had only recently eaten. Just nommed something the day before. But now? Five days since his last meal and something as simple as phantasmal command to stop being naughty isn't about to phase him.

When the girl speaks up one of his ears twitches.

But maybe she will.

The Huldra, it should be noted again, is wolf-sized. And not small-wolf-sized either. He's also currently covered in little dancing wisps of Fox Fire. He spares a glance back at the girl, but he doesn't unbind the ethereal chains. Not yet at least.

"I'm hungry,"
the Huldra replies in a very cross tone. "And there's a ghost in your hospital. So I'm going to eat it. Now go bother someone else."