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    Default Re: {Nexus} GLoG LXXX: The Continuation of a New Era!


    "Nurse Piper is a good ghost," Jamie scolds, sounding like she's talking to a child. Or maybe to a little brother she caught in the cookie jar.
    ...seeing as she does have two foxchildren as adopted siblings, that might not be too far from the truth...
    "We know about the ghosts. They help us out around here."
    Even Palon!
    "And we like them. So if you're determined to eat her, I am going to have to stop you. And if I can't, my dad can. Ever hear of Toby the Mad Druid? That's him."

    The Druid Princess has produced a wand, and is spinning it in her fingers like a fancy-dancy gunslinger's pistol.

    But she hasn't transformed! Not yet! Freddy still has a chance!


    [By the Lake]

    "Mrs. Applehill is certainly a fine woman. And there's no concerns on our end about dual membership with our sister organisation. But if you believe you should devote all your attention to just one, well, that's alright," Shrike says with a nod.
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