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[By the Lake]

"Miss Applehill is certainly a fine woman. And there's no concerns on our end about dual membership with our sister organisation. But if you believe you should devote all your attention to just one, well, that's alright," Shrike says with a nod.
"Oh really? Huh." Chris seems almost relieved, and actually a bit excited about this news. However, it quickly fades. "Well, thing is, I'm planning on joining the more...I suppose militant aspects of HALO. I figured it might not be in GLoG's best interests if they have a member running around armed to the teeth, so I figured I'd stop by. Plus, there was more of a personal reason for it. There are a lot of personal ties I have in HALO right now."

"But, I did have this idea kicking around in my head...it's kinda fanciful, though, and it would probably involve getting both the Council and Mr. Druid back in HALO in on this."