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Thread: Spiderblood Assassin [3.5e Class][PEACH]

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    If you don't mind, I'm going to put a spoiler box with Weapon Proficiency suggestions.


    Weapons Page -

    Katar, Tri-bladed -

    Bastard Sword -

    Garrote -

    Butterfly Knife -
    Helps to have a good hold-out weapon to attach to a web whip

    War Razor -

    Falcata -

    Longbow (normal and composite), Crossbow (Light, heavy, repeating, heavy repeating, double)

    I take it firearms are a no?

    Firearms -

    Just tell me what you think about them being used for this class, also, I suggest using the Pathfinder website that lists the weapons to make finding the stuff easier. Even I use it, and I have all the books.
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