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[Rowan Cabin]

Eric will take Scylla to the crib, where she will immediately attempt to flop on her (very slightly) older sister and grab at Prism's tails

"What's on the menu anyways?" Eric, of course, isn't cooking it. Nobody wants to eat his cooking.

Mainly because nobody likes food poisoning or macaroni that's been burnt until it's like kitty litter.
Sakura puts Laela down next to the two far-babies. She pauses a moment to grin at the cuteness before returning to the others. Laela, meanwhile, proceeds to be helpless on her back! Oh noes!

The dryad is mildly curious about what they're eating. She hopes it's not meat, but isn't sure if now is a good time to bring it up. =x "Something to eat sounds great."