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Marty only reacts to her touch by closing his eyes. ...B-But...I d-don't like t-to talk t-to people....those k-kind of p-people...they d-dissect you...l-like a frog...I'm n-not a frog. Yes Marty...you are not a frog. Blech...I'm s-sore...been sleeping h-here....oh...um...May I have my c-clothes back? P-Please? He frowns before trying to sit up.
You need to stay here for a while, Marty. But.... Vidalia hears a noise and turns her head toward it. I'll be right back.

[Island Cave]

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"I said we're inside a giant fish. We got ate." Vincent says, rather calmly.
What!? Caroline turns and starts to leave. But the jaws of the giant fish are already closing.

She turns back to Vincent. Please tell me there's a way out.

{Infirmary- w/ Nurse Piper}

Vidalia steps out of Marty's room and heads toward where she hears the commotion. What's going on here? You let Nurse Piper alone, you understand? She shifts her arms into whip-like vines.