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Thread: [Nexus] GLoG 81: Ghostbusters!

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    eek [Nexus] GLoG 81: Ghostbusters!

    Please read as far as the double lines before posting in this thread

    The Good League of Good is a Nexus organization devoted to the redemption of evildoers and the care and support of those in need. If you are looking to smite evil, please check out HALO or WATCHTOWER.

    If you are brand new to ffrp, please come to the Nexus OOC thread and introduce yourself. We all want to meet you!

    A Brief History of GLoG:
    You know what this OP needs? A brief history of GLoG. Which would have to be written by one of the few people who were around from the beginning. Any volunteers?

    Our Redemption Program:
    Individuals who come in search of redemption should be interviewed by a member to see how their needs can be best met, and then assigned to a mentor who will assist them. Graduation from the redemption program will occur when both the redemee and his/her mentor agree that they have made sufficient progress.

    Other Charitable Activities:
    In addition to the redemption of evildoers, the organization performs other good works such as caring for distressed individuals in need, housing and feeding evacuees from the city during disasters, and healing sick and injured people in GLoG's infirmary - renowned as the most advanced place of healing in the Nexus.

    Attention villains:
    Conflict is great! It's the heart of any story, and there isn't much to roleplay without it. However, as a player to player courtesy, please check in with the players who are active at any given time before launching an attack. Not everyone wants to roleplay combat scenes, and sometimes there are other things going on that players don't want to interrupt for a random fight. Either a PM/IM to players, a short post in thread to say ((Mind if I introduce a villain here?)) or a longer post in the OOC thread if it's a larger plot is appreciated.

    Also, please don't plan any villainy that will result in destroying the base or having the same effect (poisoning the lake, burning down the forest, etc.) without the consent of the majority of the players who would be affected.

    Base Defences:
    There is a perimeter of cactus plants to encourage anyone on foot to enter by one of the main entrance points.

    ((If any of your characters add more defences, please PM them to the person who made this thread so they can be added.))


    If you're a newbie, and you've read this far, you should know enough to join in the fun.
    Everything beyond this point is Bonus Material.

    Please PM the creator of the OP to be added to the list when you bring a character into the thread with the intention of redeeming or of having them reside here on a regular basis. IC, we'll assume there's a sign in log somewhere.

    Our IC leadership council:
    Andreas Emeral (played by Zefir)
    Ironbeard (npc, can be played by anyone)
    Quinn (played by The Bushranger)
    Pathfinder (Wolfbane)
    Reelshka (played by Morty)
    Runner (played by KerfuffleMach2)
    Shrike (played by The Bushranger)
    Zamira (played by horngeek)

    The leadership council exists so that any one member can make important decisions affecting all of GLoG. Basically, when someone shows up and says 'I need to speak to the person in charge', any one of the leadership council can handle it.

    {TABLE=head]Character|Player|Species|Gender|Class|Why they're here|Being helped by|Cabin
    Jack Empty|Murkus|??|Male|Wizard|Murderer etc|??|
    Julie Fiske|Slii Arhem|Succubus|Female|Telepath|Murder/Evil Addiction|Sophie & Kate|Rowan
    Lausel|Beans|Catgirl|Female|??|Cursed from birth|Sophie|
    Olivia|VampireRot|Human|Female||Vampire who craves blood|Dr Burnett, Sophie|
    Reinholdt|Reinholdt|Enhanced cat|Male|Treasure-hunter|Genocidal mass-murderer|Tony|Elm
    Tobias Druid |FireFox|Human|Male|Druid|War criminal|Quinn?|Infirmary
    Valaira|The Alexandrian|Deathhand|Female|Reaper|Mass-Devourer; Partial Viceduchess|Zero|Maple

    Adrian Rein|Murkus|Human| male| Doctor|
    Andreas Emeral|Zefir|Human| Male |Lantern|
    Annabelle|Darklord Bright|Ghoul|Female|Helper!|
    Brand Applehill|Happyturtle|Halfling|Male|Cook|Poplar
    Cacame|Earl of Purple|Elf|Male|Ex-slave|
    Crae|Rae Artemi| Half-Angel|Male|Crazy Clone|Denim
    Friend|Keveak|Mortal Ex-Fae|Male|Fencer|
    Emily|Lix Lorn|Human|Female|Realmswalker |Denim
    Jazirian|Kid Kris|Gold Dragon|Male|Rogue|
    Jones, Krystal|KerfuffleMach2|Mutant| Female|Infirmary Assistant||
    Kate|Lost Deep|Human |Female |Nerd/Geek|
    Marley, Ebenezer|ThePhantom|Human| Male| Ex-Conman|
    Nishtar|Earl of Purple|Elf|Male|Ex-slave|
    Pansy Applehill|Happyturtle|Halfling|Female|Cook|Poplar
    Pathfinder|Wolfbane|Wolfen| Male |Shaman|Forest Hut
    Quinn Druid|The Bushranger|Human|Female| Healer/Champion of Neirian|Infirmary
    Rae|Rae Artemi|Half-Angel| Male| Blue Lantern|Denim
    Reelshka Trollfinger|Morty|Goblin |Female |Architect| Mushroom
    Renetta Oronar|Gulaghar|Elf|Female||Forest Hut
    Sattael|Earl of Purple|Elf|Male|Ex-slave|
    Shrike|The Bushranger|Human| Female|Solar Exalted|
    Sophie Mouchabiere|Morty|Human |Female|Imbued Hunter| Maple
    Taurus Russkij|The Bushranger|Human/Drow/Brass Dragon|Male|Gardener|
    Vidalia|Lex-Kat|Human/Plant|Female/Onion|Special Needs |Cherry
    Waterstrider|Wolfbane|Wolfen|Male|Hunter|Forest Hut
    Zamira|horngeek|Human|Female|Lunar Exalted|

    Lady Anastasia Miranda Ophelia Stuart|Happyturtle|Former royal courtesan
    Bloody Gentleman|Hyozo|
    Heather|Happyturtle|Drowned teenage girl
    Ironbeard|NPC|A dwarven gentleman rake
    Jase|Happyturtle|Teenage boy
    Palon|Hyozo|Teenage Prankster, seems to enjoy tormenting Charity
    Lady Phoenix|ThePhantom|The lady in the faded red dress
    Nurse Piper|NPC|Former camp nurse, thinks of the GLoG infirmary as her domain

    Abigail Hayashi|horngeek|Human| Female|Cyborg Magical Girl|
    Brinika Sneergrim|Morty|Goblin|Female||Mushroom
    Flamecrest|Gulaghar|Welfen|Female|Baby|Forest Hut
    Holly/Chione|Hyozo|human|Female|Magical Girl||
    Jamie Druid/Mikani|The Bushranger|Human|Female|Magical Druid Princess|Infirmary
    Keo|Lost Deep|Catperson|Female|Feral|Outdoors
    Lily Applehill|Happyturtle|Halfling|Female|Imaginist|Poplar
    Natalie|Earl of Purple|Human|Female|||
    Prism|Slii Arhem|Succubus/Starspawn|Female|Baby|Rowan
    Saera|Rae Artemi|Half-Angel |Female|Wizard-in-training|Denim
    Salix|Gulaghar|Dryad |Female|||Off-Site
    Tito Applehill|Happyturtle|Halfling|Male|Cook|Poplar

    Description of the new GLoG setting:
    (map to come maybe?)
    After the original GLoG building was destroyed by an army of catpeople, the survivors took out a mortgage and purchased Phoenix Lake Campground. Facilities include the main lodge house, a bathhouse with separate male and female sections, a stable (one horse present, a chestnut mare named Fancy owned by Dr Burnett), various picnic shelters, and a few scattered cabins. It's set in the foothills of the Acro mountains, and mainly surrounded by woods. There are many hiking trails nearby leading to mountaintop vistas, waterfalls, seacoves, and various other locations, both within this thread, and in the Outside thread. The campground is also within easy walking distance of the city of Inside, though there is also a Riftline station just outside the campground for those who prefer to take the train or who have farther to go.

    At the lake, there is a small dock with a little shed nearby where a few canoes and paddleboats are stored. The swimming area has a GIANT slide and a rope swing. Because GIANT slides and rope swings are awesome. There is a sandy volleyball court not far from the slide, a playground under the trees, set back from the lake somewhat, and a set of horseshoe pits.

    Having been built on a Generic Ancient Burial Ground, Phoenix Lake Campground is haunted by various ghosts. They are generally harmless, and for the most part glad to have some company, though pranks and hijinks may occur. Ghosts can be NPC'd by anyone unless they are listed as PCs in the Member/Resident list. They tend to speak in Gray, and mostly appear for comic purposes, but this is by no means a requirement.

    Reference images:
    Main lodge:

    GIANT slide:

    The lake:

    Main Lodge: This large building contains an industrial kitchen with a cafeteria style serving area, and an open space that was once used as the dining hall. The space is warmed by a massive fireplace. Bunk beds are lined up on one end of the hall, opposite the kitchen, and a few comfy chairs and sofas are beginning to appear around the fireplace as they are procured. The building itself is made of stone.

    Bathhouse: This building is divided into the men's and women's bathhouses, with entrances at either end. It has shower stalls, a line of sinks, and toilet stalls in each.

    Cabins: Individuals can have their own room within a cabin, but they are unlikely to have a full cabin to themselves unless they come equipped with a family. Some of the cabins have been rebuilt, so may have more space than the 4 room cabins the campground came with, and a few cabins have had private bathrooms installed. All cabins are named after trees, and players are free to invent further details about their own cabins.

    Main Lodge - Willow
    Infirmary - Cedar

    Cabin 1 - Oak
    Cabin 2 - Sycamore
    Cabin 3 - Redwood
    Cabin 4 - Maple
    Cabin 5 - Apple - Visitor's Cabin
    Cabin 6 - Cherry
    Cabin 7 - Chestnut
    Cabin 8 - Birch
    Cabin 9 - Dogwood
    Cabin 10 - Elm - full
    Cabin 11 - Denim - family cabin
    Cabin 12 - Rowan - family cabin
    Cabin 13 - Poplar - family cabin
    Cabin 14 - Forest Hut - family cabin
    Cabin 15 - Sapling - nursery

    Cabin 5 - Apple is reserved for visitors who do not want to stay at the lodge. They are requested to check in at the main lodge, where any member can give them permission to stay for a few days. Longer than that, and unless they are in need, they would be requested to either join or move to their own place or one of the local inns.

    New cabins can be added as the needed. Here is a list of unused tree names:

    Linden, Larch, Ash, Pine, Magnolia, Olive, Fir, Spruce, Holly, Cottonwood, Cypress, Hemlock, Teak, Ebony, Pear, Fig, Date, Mahogany, Palm, Lime, Acadia, Gumbo Limbo…

    Workshop: A well built cabin designed by Reelshka, containing nothing at present but the Mainframe installation. It is locked. Drones fly in and out of a small entrance that opens for them when they send an encrypted signal.

    Infirmary: If no PC is present in the Infirmary, patients are tended to by Nurse Piper, a ghost NPC who haunts the infirmary. Despite being a ghost, she is solid enough when managing anything to do with nursing. She has a tyrannical bedside manner, but will always put the welfare of her patients first. She is able to generally stabilize patients and do general nursing care, but cannot provide magical healing or any type of advanced medicine that would normally be performed by a doctor.

    PC healers include:
    Quinn (The Bushranger) - doctor and paladin
    Tobias (Firefox) - druid healer
    Dr Adrian Rein (Murkus) - doctor

    (PM the keeper of the OP if you want your character to be added to this list)

    Infirmary Description
    The outside of the infirmary looks just like all the rest of the buildings. Nothing distinguishes it at all.

    But inside, everything is white, with silver highlighting. Even though it doesn't seem possible, when looking from outside, sunlight filters inside. Giving the place a warm feeling with natural light.

    A soft, soothing music filters through the whole building and voices can barely be heard saying words of healing and comfort, like: "You are going to be okay." "We'll take care of you." "You are dear to us." and so on.

    Each room is walled off for a limited amount of privacy, because the pixies know that humans seem to need this. Strange. But it is limited. There are no doors.

    Kinda looks like this:

    Except the angles are more severe, so that people on the other side of the hall can't see into anyone's room. Only someone intentionally looking in, can see you.

    There is also a small living area in the back for the Druid family.

    About the Drones Mk 2:
    In other news, the drones are back at GLoG. Drones are NPCs who can be played by anyone, within the guidelines below:
    • Their Primary Function is member safety.
    • They no longer have teleport beams or alignment scanners.
    • They do have stun beams, little arms, and the ability to record what's going on around them.
    • They follow orders, unless those orders conflict with their Primary Function.
    • There are only 4-5 in operation at any one time.
    • They can be destroyed, but if so, they'll be restored from backup.
    • A few have been supplied with medical programming, and thus can be godmodded for infirmary duties.
    • They often have weird personality quirks and are prone to malfunctioning.
    • Statement: They speak in DarkOrange FixedSys
    • The only named drone (so far) is Caretaker, who is a private drone charged with protecting Brinika and controlled by Morty.

    There was some discussion about whether or not the time of the drones has passed, but since they are still sometimes used for mostly comic purposes, and since Brinika's personal drone is onscreen a lot, it seems right to keep a few around.


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    ***When this thread reaches 50 pages, anyone can make a new GLoG thread. Please be willing to keep the membership tables updated, add the old thread to the Archives list, and check that the link to the Nexus OOC thread is current. If you anticipate being away from the forums much during the lifetime of the thread (each thread usually lasts a few weeks) then please let someone else do it.***
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