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"...you really don't know just how heavily armed I am right now, do you?" Shrike asks Chris, almost sweetly smiling as she crosses her arms...

"And what sort of idea?"
Chris shakes his head. "Not really, no. The outfit and distinct lack of apparent hardware is kind of misleading." He chuckles a bit, holding his hands up to show his teasing was in good intent.

Chris then pauses a bit, scratching the back of his head. "Well...I've kinda been wanting to build a house somewhere. HALO's nice and all, but I still feel like I should be providing somehow, plus it makes sense for personal reasons...I'm saying 'for personal reasons' a lot lately, aren't I?" He shrugs a bit. "Anyways, I figured that I'd find somewhere in between HALO and GLoG, and set up a place there. I'd then get a couple of portals that connect to both places so that we can just pop in whenever we like without a lot of hassle. We can then stay connected to HALO, while giving the kids the benefits of being here, among other things."