"How about I make things very clear for you. You'll be eating no one, thing or person or former person, here at GLoG or I will personally make you regurgitate everything you've ever eaten and then some."

Oh hey. Reinholdt, looking rather pale, is sitting up in bed, leaning against the wall, a gun pointed at Freddy resting on his leg. Perhaps to help him steady it. Or maybe because it just looks cooler.

"Your preferred course of action is to leave here hungry." It seems more an order than a suggestion.

Granted, Rein doesn't really have much of the whole story. Just Jamie and Freddy's last posts. But he's had enough experience with 'soul eaters' that if he did know more he'd probably just want to end Freddy here and now and save the inevitability.



Butler rushes up to Marley and tosses a bucket of water on him! It's kinda dirty and soapy water. But it's water nonetheless!