"I know exactly what they are," Jamie huffs at Freddy the Huldra. "Just because they're ghosts doesn't mean they're not people too. They're our friends!"

Yup, even Palon!

"If you try to take them away, you'll have to go through me...and, oh, about everybody else here. And when we came here the ghosts were happy to see living people back here."

Oh, hey, then The Cat speaks up!
And Jamie just nods.
Nod nod nod!


Shrike chuckles, sticking her tongue out at Chris. "Let's just say that looks can be deceiving."
Not to mention that she doesn't have to be armed to be exceedingly lethal, after all.
"And hey, personal reasons are just fine. And that sounds like a great idea. I know the kids here would love to meet yours."