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Chris smiles a bit. "I'm sure of that."

"...Well, in that case, I might need to cancel my canceling. I'll be sure to talk it over when I get back."
"I heard you liked cancelling so I put some cancelling in your cancelling so you could cancel while you cancel."
Shrike grins!


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[Welp! Time to Go]

"Neh. Whatever. Enjoy your haunted camp-site," the Huldra huffs. He doesn't feel inclined to fight a bunch of people in order to get something to eat. He's not that hungry yet.

Though he's getting really close to kill them in their sleep and eat them hungry.

With a POOF! back to his natural shape the demon-fox slinks out the door, now in a very grumpy and cross mood.

VERY grumpy and cross!

He'll go trotting out of GLoG unless someone stops him, grumbling the whole time about people who value echoes of the dead more than the living. Crazy Nexus people.
Jamie looks down as the not-a-fox slinks out, wondering if she did the right thing, and looking somewhat conflicted as her righteous fury slips away.