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Thread: "Common Sense" approach to rules (RACSD)

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    Rule 008: What is the point of the Dragontouched feat, then? I have no idea if I have a vote, but I'm "Against" it. I'm a little puzzled why you'd want to clarify the sorcerer thing, when I would think the biggest head-scratcher for Dragonborn is "Can I apply this to non-humanoids?"

    Rule 009: I prefer treating padded armor as armor +1, and clothing as armor +0. Simpler that way. Against.

    You might want to address the Mounted Combat/Ride-By Attack mess:

    Rule 0??: While mounted, a rider cannot charge. If the rider directs his mount to charge (either as a move action or as a free action), then the rider gains the same attack bonus and AC penalty for charging as the mount. When using Spirited Charge, the mount uses a full-round action to charge, and the rider deals double damage with a melee weapon (triple wth a lance). Directing the mount is either a move action ("Control Mount in Battle", DC 20), or a free action on mounts that are trained for battle ("Fight with a Warhorse", DC 10). If your mount moves more than 5', you may make only a single melee attack as a standard action, even if you still have a full-round action available.

    Rule 0??: Ride-By Attack. The mount must use a full-round action to charge, not the rider. The rider directs the mount to the closest square where the rider can attack and the mount can still continue forward in a straight line. The rider may make a single melee attack from this square as per the charge rules. If there is no such square, or if the mount's path is blocked by an obstacle that it can't jump over, then it is not possible to charge. At the end of the mount's movement, if any opponents are still within melee range, the mount may make a single melee attack as per the charge rules.