Rule 001: Drowning for Health Purposes

Yes, this rule is just stupid.

Rule 002: My Thesis: More Complex Is Easier

Yes, I don't care if it's a corner case, "invisible spell" or "energy substitution" makes a spell EASIER to cast than it would be were it closer to the base spell is simply stupid. It fails common sense which is what was asked for.

Rule 003: Bonus Legacy Class Levels

The progression simply does not exist past the maximum level unless there's an epic progression. You can't apply a progression that doesn't exist.

Rule 004: Superior Unarmed Strike

Yes, monk training does not make you less capable at hand to hand.

Rule 005: Dead is Dead

Yes, it's an oversight that the condition is defined, but not defined properly.

Rule 006: Using What Comes Naturally

Yes. I can see declaring that commoners aren't proficient with natural attacks, but I can't see this as worth putting in the rules. Everything should be proficient with natural attacks.

Rule 007: Wolves with Hooves

Yes, just a modification for the fact that the writer didn't take into account that not all mounts are horses.

Rule 008: Dragonblood and heritage

No opinion.

Rule 009: It's not armour, it's thick clothing

I don't see the point in this, anyone care to enlighten me as to why this clarification should exist?