Rule 001: Drowning for Health Purposes: Agree.

Rule 002: My Thesis: More Complex Is Easier: Agree. Not only does it not make sense on the face of it (adding complications should not make something easier) this makes metamagic track with every other penalty-reduction. You can't have armor with a negative Arcane Failure Chance or Armor Check penalty, having more Energy Resistance than damage done to you doesn't transform that damage into healing, and reducing the level-adjustment of metamagic shouldn't drop it below zero.

Rule 003: Bonus Legacy Class Levels: No opinion.

Rule 004: Superior Unarmed Strike: Agree.

Rule 005: Dead is Dead: Agree.

Rule 006: Using What Comes Naturally: Undecided. On the one hand, there are obviously people who don't know how to throw a punch; on the other, there are obvious holes in existing classes if you don't cover them with a house rule.

Rule 007: Wolves with Hooves: No opinion.

Rule 008: Dragonblood and heritage: Not familiar enough with this to say.

Rule 009: It's not armour, it's thick clothing: Disagree. Padded armor is very definitely armor.

Rule 010: Agree.